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Top Bathroom Remodeling Company in San Jose Including Santa Clara County!

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$500 OFF 

*Coupon is only valid for NEW clients and FULL bathroom or kitchen remodels, coupon must be present or mentioned at the time of the estimate process*Coupon valid till March 31st*


  • Full Bathroom Remodel.

  • Shower Stall/Bath Tub Replacement.

  • Vanity Replacement.

"From small guest bathroom remodeling to oversized masters, Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens specializes in beautiful bathroom remodeling designs and installations, including Walk-in Tubs, Curb-less shower pans, grab bars, and tilt-down benches for over 20 years.

We handle the entire project from concept through completion. The bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in any house. It serves the dual purpose of being a place for personal hygiene and for rest and relaxation. Therefore, a great deal of attention must be given to its design."

Whether your house theme is vintage, modern, traditional, or art deco, we have designs that will match your house. If you want contrast, our designers can help you sort through different ideas to blend your bathroom in with the rest of your home. Contact us today for more information and a consultation!

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Featuring "Dust-Controlled" Bathroom Remodels. Ensuring good indoor air quality during your renovation. Your clean air matters.

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We also offer beautiful custom kitchens 

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Bud Noren, Bay Area

"BBK did a great job on our bathroom remodel. We knew vaguely what we wanted and "Tom helped guide us to reliable material vendors and also factored in the building codes as applicable to our fairly old house. They did not make any assumptions and consulted us for any decisions along the way as surprises popped up, as they do with old houses. The subcontractors he used were all first rate. There really have been no issues at all now that it is done, and bathroom remodels are pretty complex, involving plumbing, electrical, sheet rock and paint, cabinetry, flooring and tile work..."

Janet Kaku, Bay Area

"I couldn’t have been more pleased with Tom’s crew and his responsiveness. I had a leaking ceiling in my first floor bathroom. What a mess. I just had surgery but he took care of everything. I’m very appreciative and will recommend his business anytime to anybody."

Charlene Lydon, Bay Area

"I recently remodeled two bathrooms in my home using Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens owned by Tom Todd. This was my first remodel. Bottom line fabulous experience and I would do it again. We started with a smaller bathroom. We removed everything in the room but didn’t move any plumbing. Tom outlined the process we were about to undergo. He gave a detailed bid. He set our expectations on what to expect to happen or what “could happen/ come up”. We started the project and one month later we were complete. George was our foreman dedicated to our project. He did a fantastic job. Tom and George kept the project on track and moving forward. Any question I had they took their time to explain to me what was going on."


San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Mountain View, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Cupertino, Campbell, Menlo Park, Foster City


BBK | Virtual Office

1238 S. Bascom Ave,

San Jose, CA 95128

Phone: 805-813-8006

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