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"Tom and his crew, especially Eric, remodelled my seventies kitchen into an updated, 21st century, state of the art kitchen. Tom and his crew worked in very professional manner. They were always on time and kept the place absolutely immaculate. I recommend them highly."

Elke Thayer

"BBK did a great job on our bathroom remodel. We knew vaguely what we wanted and Tom helped guide us to reliable material vendors and also factored in the building codes as applicable to our fairly old house. They did not make any assumptions and consulted us for any decisions along the way as surprises popped up, as they do with old houses. The subcontractors he used were all first rate. There really have been no issues at all now that it is done, and bathroom remodels are pretty complex, involving plumbing, electrical, sheet rock and paint, cabinetry, flooring and tile work."

Bud Noren

"I recently remodeled two bathrooms in my home using Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens owned by Tom Todd. This was my first remodel. Bottom line fabulous experience and I would do it again.

We started with a smaller bathroom. We removed everything in the room but didn’t move any plumbing. Tom outlined the process we were about to undergo. He gave a detailed bid. He set our expectations on what to expect to happen or what “could happen/ come up”. We started the project and one month later we were complete. George was our foreman dedicated to our project. He did a fantastic job. Tom and George kept the project on track and moving forward. Any question I had they took their time to explain to me what was going on. I always understood what they were doing Any unforeseen issues that came up they gave me the options and then acted. All problems were addressed quickly.

The second bathroom was the Master bathroom. This was a much larger job. We moved all the plumbing which changed the layout. Tom and George helped me come up with solutions to problems I got stuck on. (pony wall configuration, types of vanity mirrors, location and types of light switches, ect…) I had no idea what went into a remodel and they helped me through the process with minimal stress and worry. George was able to keep the project on schedule even if it meant he had to step in for a sub-contractor issue. He was very talented. If I complained about something he fixed it immediately. Honestly, I never got push back unless it was just not physically possible. I cannot forget Chris he did all prep work and was responsible for keeping the project clean and safe every day. I could walk through the area everyday with out tracking dirt into my home. They protected the rest of my home as they moved things in and out. This bathroom took about 14 weeks.

I would recommend Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens to everyone. I will use them again in the future. Thanks, BBK!!"

Charlene Lydon

"Bay Bathrooms and Kitchen did a superb job on my new shower in the bathroom. I couldn't ask for a better contractor to update the shower due to a stroke my wife had.
Tom's crew put up a dust barrier between the bathroom and the front door to keep the rest of the house clean. He, Jorge and Chris answered all my questions and explain what they were doing when I asked.
Tom also made a suggestion about adding grab bars that are also towels racks for my wife to use when she came home.
Tom cares about his work and your job. He followed up on little details for me. My wife is delighted with the new bathroom.
I recommend Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens if you want the job done right and are looking for someone you can trust with your work.
Tom will be the person I call for my next bathroom project."

Jack B

"I had a bathroom remodeled. Tom was there to walk us through the whole job. I was very very happy with the way the job came out! My wife really appreciated the fact how clean they kept the house while the job was going on."

Shaun Kennedy

"Reliable source of plumbing and tile, they are very straight and honest. They did an amazing job.

Extremely fair, the guy put in extra time and didn't charge me for it because they felt like they needed to fine-tune a couple issues after the installation was done."

Debra H.

"We first hired Tom to do electrical work on my mother's home in 2016. He very efficiently found the electrical problem to a non working outlet, and had it repaired in no time. After such a good experience on that job, we hired him again in March 2018 for 3 separate jobs in an apartment building. The jobs were very efficiently started in only a few days, and completed within 15 days. There was minimal disruption to the tenants, and the crew was efficient and neat in their work. All areas that might be dirtied or damaged by the work were covered in plastic, and also plastic was hung from ceiling to floor in areas where the walls were cut open, to keep things neat, tidy, and dust free. First, we had him correctly install ceiling fans that had previously been hung incorrectly by another contractor... This work was approved by the building inspector. Second, we replaced 9 electrical sub-meters throughout the building. This work was done professionally, also passing electrical inspection on the first try. The walls were so neatly patched, one cannot tell the difference between the patch and original wall. Finally, we did some general repairs to the laundry room adding a cabinet, repairing a large section of wall, and some general code corrections to the gas piping and ductwork. I highly recommend Tom and his team for a job well done."

Karen J.

"My bathroom was leaking. I called contractor BBK. AMAZING!! BBK service are incredibly passionate about their work and professional. Tom Todd is very reliable and price is reasonable. Thanks to them for the new bathroom. I am very pleased to have recommend them if you need bathroom work done."

Kim An

"Tom Todd did an excellent job with my bathroom remodel. He is highly professional and easy to work with. The quality of the workmanship, and the materials used are top of the line. Tom exhibits creativity and excellence in all of his suggestions. I was completely satisfied with the completed project. Rachelle Blecher."

Rachelle Blecher

"Tom was easy to work with and very professional. He always showed up when he said he would, as did his team. His work standards are impeccable. He made sure everything was done right. I would highly recommend Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens!"

Kathy S

"Tom and his team inherited a difficult job. The water remediation company suggested by insurance completely bungled their job and nearly destroyed our bathroom. Tom made it right by realistically budgeting the project, finding the right materials and subcontractors, giving the job his personal attention and QC, and seeing it to a successful, satisfactory conclusion. He handled permits and had the professionalism and courage of his convictions to say "you're not going to be happy with that" when I suggested possibly cutting corners. Now, with a very nice and solid shower installation I enjoy every day, I'm very glad for his guidance and quality work. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for high quality and very competent work."

Jeff Hanley

"For several years, we had been wanting to remodel our kitchen, the biggest job left needing done in our home. After doing a lot of research, I found Tom Todd. I could not find any negative reviews of Tom's work an we hired Tom Todd, owner of Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens, and couldn't be happier with the result.

The layout of the kitchen worked well for us, but the cabinets were falling apart, the floor tiles were cracked, the counters were 6 inch tiles with filthy grout, and the top mounted sink was a mess. Tom came over several times to discuss the project and he and Fernando, the very talented cabinetmaker, took measurements several times. Fernando was very patient with us as we went through several stain samples, looking for just the right color. Fernando made the image in our minds a reality.
Tom and Fernando, both, had a lot of great suggestions for things we could add or change, and both had great attention to detail, catching and fixing potential issues before they could slow or stop the project.

All of Tom's subcontractors have worked with him for years, and he sets high expectations for the quality of work performed. At the end of each stage, Felipe, the site manager, checked the work performed and then Tom came and checked the work, again. Anything not up to his or our expectations was redone until it was right (this seldom needed to happen). Tom was onsite for all big stages of the project such as electrical work, tile and cabinet and counter top installs. Tom went the extra mile to find us the exact quartz we wanted, making a lot of calls until he found the perfect slabs.

The work area was enclosed in a plastic "bubble", which helped to keep the dust down, and the site was left cleaned, every day. Tom communicated with us on a daily basis so we knew who was showing up when, and what was expected to be accomplished each work day. He stayed on top of all of the subs and made sure they were professional in work and behavior.

We had added an addition to our home and had many poor experiences with contractors. I can honestly say that, if we ever want to do work to this or a future home, again, Tom will be the first person we call.

I have attached some before and after pictures of the project. As I have said, the layout is the same, but the quality is undeniably top notch."

Carla Hensley

"I love working with Tom Todd. Home improvement projects can be daunting and Tom is an expert in his field and a positive person who is a pleasure to work with. I felt thoroughly informed about our bathroom project throughout the process. I remember him going above and beyond in many details including making sure all our custom made tile order was complete. This meant he had to sit and carefully open each tile package despite the insistence from the vendor that the order was complete. After thirty minutes of going through our order, he discovered that there was a discrepancy and we were missing the most critical tiles in the order! Thank you, Tom Todd for your fine work."

Pilar Aguero-Esparza

"Tom Todd did a great job inspecting my house. He arrived on time and was always very respectful of my time in setting up the appointment. While he estimated 3-4 hours for the inspection, he actually spent 5.5 hours, which indicates the level of detail. There are 2 things I especially appreciate: 1) when asked for company referrals concerning who fixes certain things, Tom gave me at least one referral. 2) He took the time to walk around the house with me, pointing out issues and giving me options on how to address it. For example, after inspecting my roof he indicated repairs were needed and estimated how much those repairs would cost, and then indicated the roof should be OK for several years after that, vs. saying "you need a new roof". Discussing problems with Tom showed me what options to consider.

I highly recommend Tom Todd through Todd Inspections, and intend to use him again in the future!"

Karen Burley

"Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens did an amazing job on my master bathroom! I would recommend them again and again. The great experience began with the initial phone call. Tom was careful to really understand what I wanted and needed. I had a very difficult situation and had received such varied information from different professionals. Tom took a very systematic approach to carefully diagnose the problem with expertise and recommended a solution that truly benefited the bathroom and the health of the entire home. There was definitely an understanding that he wasn't just trying to sell me something but to do a fair, professional and quality job. If you need kitchen or bathroom help, Bay Bathrooms & Kitchens is the way to go!"

Hasina Aleman

"We fully endorse Bay Bathrooms & Kitchens! From the beginning, its owner Tom Todd and journeyman Felipe took the reigns of our bathroom remodel project. To start, Tom prepared estimates that were built from a vision of our bathroom’s style, budget, and needs for my disability as well as meeting code regulations. With his book of photos of hardware and material; we literally could visualize our options and price points. He took the time to explain issues, concerns, warranties, and questions in layman’s terms. 

From the moment we accepted his estimate, Tom and company owned the project completely. He communicated throughout the project, oversaw the timing and usage of subcontractors, helped us pass strict city inspections, and troubleshoot and bring up to code unexpected issues caused by un-permitted projects by prior owners. He gave advanced notice of when key decisions were needed to be made by us to stay on track (e.g paint and hardware selection). Tom sequenced the small jobs that make up the big job perfectly. 

During the entire process, Felipe was at the job site everyday, on-time reporting issues and advancing the project’s progress each day. He always spent a significant amount of time on building prep and ended the day with thorough clean-up; ensuing the house was left clean and in useable/ live-able condition. Tom always began the day with, “What are your concerns? What questions can we address for you?” Mainly he was present in-person; he was always reachable1. Tom continually helped us make decisions efficiently; keeping in mind our initial vision and budget, actively narrowing our choices to what was most feasible to keep us on schedule and successful. 

Overall, we found the remodel project of our bathrooms night and day from 10 years ago. Tom and Felipe were very friendly, and personable. They blended into our family’s needs, lifestyle and schedule; they indulged the curiosity of our 6 year old and coddled our sick, anxious yorkie. We never found ourselves feeling uncomfortable; their meticulousness and attention to detail was, in a word, reassuring. From beginning to end, we were satisfied. We trusted Bay Bathrooms & Kitchens, their suppliers, and subcontractors. They looked after our home like it was their own, when we weren’t present. Bay Bathrooms & Kitchens did an amazing job, kept their promises, and went above and beyond to make us comfortable. Most importantly, they accommodated for my disability throughout, working around my doctors’ appointments and physical therapy. Our bathrooms were remodeled in as little as two weeks and are in our opinion are very Pinterest worthy; we definitely would use them again in the future!"

Lynne Zee

"We bathroom upgrades done -- specifically Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens removed a moldy shower ceiling, installed a new cultured marble shower ceiling, and installed an energy efficient ceiling fan/light. This was not the usual full remodel job and we really appreciated the company's willingness to discuss various options and come up with a great solution that will promote a healthier home for our family!

It went really well! Tom was very helpful over the phone and when he arrived to develop an estimate, he was able to explain all of the options to us so we could decide on the best approach together. He's a really nice, down to earth person and has great employees too. He uses clear and fair contract paperwork that makes it easy to get started and understand the scope of work. He brought samples of the ceiling material by so we could choose the best color without having to visit the factory showroom and that saved us a lot of time, He and his staff were always on time and cleaned up our space. They were careful to seal off the door so dust and mold spores wouldn't migrate during the demolition process. After the fan was installed, we needed additional training on how to adjust it and he came right out to show us. We had an excellent experience with this company!!!


"I've told a friend or two in the past that they'd have no problems while working with Tom."

"There were no surprises or any issues. I got exactly what I expected."

Eric G.

"Tom is a consummate professional who always goes beyond his call of duty to make his clients happy. I've recommended both Bay Bathrooms And Kitchens and Todd Inspections countless times, since I have in fact used both companies. Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation, Tom is the first guy that pops in my head."

"I like Tom's reliability, honesty, integrity, and how he's always very forthright. He knows this industry like the back of his hand, and I'm sure he could do it all with his eyes closed. "

Elain L.

"I would say that Tom, the owner, pays very close attention to detail. Attention to detail in general is pretty difficult to come across with most contractors nowadays, but he does an overall good job. "

"The best thing would mostly have to be Tom's attention to detail. If there was the smallest, most minor issue or problem, he was upfront and spoke up so he could take care of the issue in a timely manner. I was very happy with everything. His workmanship was fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone with no hesitation."

Rossanne C.

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