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Why Cabinet Refacing?

If your cabinet boxes are in good shape, and you are not looking to restructure your kitchen layout, you may consider cabinet refacing. We will remove the cabinet doors and drawers and replace them with new ones, match the base and crown moldings to create a completely new look.

To finish the transformation of your cabinets, Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens use’s premium hardware to effortlessly complete the beautiful new look your cabinets have just been given. In a matter of just days, your home will be completely transformed with the high-end look and feel of the space you’ve always dreamed of. Not only do you benefit by saving time, you will also enjoy the speed of our renovation — transforming your kitchen in a matter of days, not weeks — all while saving money, versus the typical cost of complete cabinet replacement.

From light-and-airy to dark-and-smoky, Bay Bathrooms and Kitchens offer a wide range of refacing options. We offer a beautiful selection of solid wood lines, so you are sure to find the ideal style and color for your cabinet refacing project.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is the perfect opportunity to change or modify the style of your kitchen. Because kitchen cabinet refacing keeps the current layout of your kitchen, but replaces the cabinets doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, it’s good to look at it as a type of kitchen facelift. To create a tightly unified look in your kitchen, go with cabinet drawer and door front styles that better match your appliances, flooring, and countertops.

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