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Outlet & Switch Replacement 

Outlet and switch replacements are common electrical repairs that may be necessary over time. Outlets and switches can wear out or become damaged, leading to issues such as flickering lights, faulty connections, or loss of power

Our company is pleased to offer an upgrade service that can revolutionize your electrical system by replacing traditional switches with state-of-the-art sensors. These advanced sensors utilize innovative technology to detect occupancy and automatically control lighting, providing convenience and energy efficiency. With this upgrade, you can experience seamless automation and eliminate the need for manual switching. Our team of electricians will ensure a smooth transition, enhancing your workspace or home with modern solutions that optimize comfort and minimize energy consumption. Upgrade to our sensor switches today and embrace the future of electrical control.

  • A humidistat sensor is a device used to measure and control the relative humidity levels in a particular environment. It is similar to a thermostat but is specifically designed for monitoring humidity. The sensor detects the moisture content in the air and provides an output that can be used to activate or deactivate your bathroom fan. This helps to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by preventing excessive humidity, which can lead to issues such as mold growth and respiratory problems.

  • Occupancy and vacancy sensor switches are devices used to automatically control lighting or other electrical loads based on the presence or absence of people in a room or space. They utilize motion sensors or other technologies to detect movement and activate or deactivate the lights accordingly. These switches are important for energy conservation and efficiency as they ensure that lights are only turned on when needed and automatically turned off when the space is vacant. This helps to reduce energy waste and decrease electricity costs.

  • A dimmer switch is an electrical device that allows you to control the intensity of a light fixture. It is typically installed in place of a standard on/off switch and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the brightness of the connected light. Dimmer switches are commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas to create various lighting moods and ambiance. They can also help save energy by reducing the amount of electricity used when the light is dimmed.

“We fully endorse BBK Plumbing! From the beginning, its owner Tom Todd and journeyman Felipe took the reigns of our bathroom remodel project. To start, Tom prepared estimates that were built from a vision of our bathroom’s style, budget, and needs for my disability as well as meeting code regulations. With his book of photos of hardware and material; we literally could visualize our options and price points. He took the time to explain issues, concerns, warranties, and questions in layman’s terms.."


"BBK Plumbing did an excellent job on a recent emergency repair. They were prompt with the estimate. Every step and cost was fully explained. The crew arrived right on time and diligently worked until he project was complete. The work was completed ahead of time and under budget. The cleanup was meticulous, I highly recommend Tom Todd and BBK Plumbing."
"One of the most difficult things about doing any kind of renovation is finding the right contractor to perform the project. Well, if you are reading this review - STOP LOOKING - you've found the right guy for the job! This was our first major renovation and Tom at BBK Plumbing was great about helping us get through the process from picking out the right tile to bathroom fixtures. He and his team were both punctual and professional. When the tub installation took a little bit longer than anticipated Tom and his team worked longer hours so that they could stick to the timeline they had promised. We appreciate his thoroughness and attention to detail. The bathtub and tile work is beautiful and we can't wait to start the next project."

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